NOTE: Contractually binding are exclusively the general terms and conditions of sale in German language; text versions in different languages only serve better legibility for the customer.

1 Scope

For business connections to the orderer that apply during orders over the internet the following general terms and conditions are valid in that state and form they have been in the point in time the order has taken place.

2 Conclusion of the Contract

For the conclusion of the contract within the internet auction house eBay § 10 and § 11 of the general terms and conditions of eBay are valid. For the conclusion of the contract within eBay Express § 6 of the general terms and conditions of eBay Express are valid. Links to the specific eBay- general terms and conditions can be found on the end of every eBay-site. For the conclusion of the contract within a placed order in our online-shop the following agreements are valid:

  • If a customer places an order and sends it he makes an offer in terms of § 145 BGB. The customer receives a confirmation of the receipt of the order vie e-Mail. The customer will get a separate notice and if applicable will get an adequate offer in case of possible mistakes in our information about our assortment on our webpage.
  • The customer waives acquisition of the declaration of acceptance, § 151 S.1 BGB. The contract will be valid, if we accept the order of the customer in written form within 10 days or if we send the ordered good or if the customer makes a prepayment.

3 Shipment, Shipping and Handling, Passing of Risk

The shipment takes place to the shipping and handling costs listed in the offer. All risks and dangers of the shipping, from the point in time where the goods are handed to our logistic partner, will be passed over to the customer if he is a contractor.

4 Retention of Title

The goods are our property until the complete payment has taken place.

5 Warranty

  • It will be ensured, that the good is in a adequate condition as the case may be free of deficits. That means that the good is in a condition for the assumed usage written down in the contract or the good is adequate for the usual usage that is typical for goods of the same kind that the customer can expect from the kind of good and from the announcement of the retailer. Characteristics of the good from our information, the labeling or the advertisement only belong to the conditions obverse the contractor, if that is written down in the offer and is validated through us in written form and is marked in the confirmation of order.
  • Is the purchase a trading transaction for both sides in terms of § 343 HGB so §377 HGB is valid.
  • The duration of the warranty of factory-new goods last 2 years. The warranty starts with the receipt of the goods at the customer. § 478 BGB is unaffected.
  • You have the legitimate claim of elimination of the defect or of reshipment in case of a defect of the good. If the named legitimate claims are valid you also have the right of price reduction of the good or of withdrawal and you can claim for damages and you demand useless expense. Supplementary performance can be refused, if that is associated with immense high costs. The withdrawal is impossible, if the defect is negligible.

6 Consumer Information in Case of Distant Selling Contracts about the Purchase of Goods

We are not liable to special codes of behavior.

You can find the main criteria about our goods as well as the period of validity of fixed-term contracts in the product specification of each product within our offers in the internet offers. The only language for the conclusion of a contract is German. The wording of the contract of a purchase will be saved as an eBay-webpage that can be viewed by using the article number and that will be saved for 90 days. Through the ability to use the printing function of your browser you can print out the wording of the contract. You can also save the wording of contract to your drive by clicking to right mouse button on the webpage and choose save to disk. The wording of the contract is not available for purchases in our internet shop. Furthermore the wording of the contract will be saved by us. After the conclusion of a contract you will automatically receive an e-Mail containing information about the transaction. Claims or warranty claims can be brought forward by using the address found in the provider-identification. Information about payment, shipping and handling or fulfillment can be found in our offer. Typing errors can be identified before submitting the offer on a separate eBay-webpage and as the case may be can be corrected by click the “Back” Button of your browser to go back to the previous webpage. You will be informed about possibilities to identify and correct typing errors in terms of a purchase in our online shop.

7 Data Security Information

During a purchase your individual-related data (Name and Address) will be transmitted to us. The processing of the data is subject to the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and of the Teleservice Data Protection Act (TDDSG). Dissemination of your data to third parties will only happen within the involved firms and not to others. Your data will be deleted, after they aren’t longer necessary for the billing. You have the right to claim free information, saved about your person. You have the right to contradict the storage of your data at any time affection of the future. In those cases please use the address found in the provider-identification.

8 Miscellaneous

The right of the Federal Republic of Germany applies on the contractual relationship between us and the customer and the terms and conditions. If the customer is the consumer, the applicable legitimate rules and laws of the residence country of the customer will be unaffected. The usage of UN- sales law will be barred. The only legal venue is the local district court of our business location as far as the customer is a tradesman in terms of the HBG or he is a public corporation.

9 Severability Clause

Should individual regulations of these general standard conditions of sale be or become invalid or impracticable, then this leaves the validity of the remaining regulations of the respective contract untouched.