Right of recission

NOTE: Contractually binding are exclusively the general terms and conditions of sale in German language; text versions in different languages only serve better legibility for the customer.

notice of cancellation

in terms of § 13 BGB

The right of withdrawal is not valid for goods, that have been build on basis of customer specific data or have been build for personal needs and fitted to the customer. Furthermore the specific condition of some goods can be a reason for not sending it back. The right of withdrawal is also not valid in case a sealed data medium, audio & or video recordings or software, has been opened by the customer.

right of withdrawal

You can canceled your contract explanation within 1 month in written form (e.g. letter, fax, e-Mail) without giving any reasons. The respite starts earliest with the receipt of a separate and written notice of cancellation as well as the receipt of the contract goods. To keep your withdrawal respite you only have to send your withdrawal or the thing in time.

The withdrawal has to go to:

berwall; Inh. Jürgen Bernhard; Pfortefeldstraße 4a; 64521 Gross-Gerau; Germany

vertrieb [at] berwall [dot] de; Fax: 06152 / 987970

withdrawal consequences

In case of a valid withdrawal both sides have to pass back their received benefits and if applicable their received utilization (e.g. interest). If you are not able to give back the received utilization at all or partly or in a bad condition, you have to refund the Value of it. This is not valid in case of cession of things, if aggravation is only ascribed to the inspection of it like it is usually common in a retail shop. You can avoid the refund duty, if you don't use the thing as a owner and leave everything undone that can influence the value of it. You have to send back things that are able and ready to be shipped at our own risk. Things that are not able to be shipped will be picked up. You have to pay for the reshipment, if the delivered good(s) commensurate the ordered good(s) and if the price of the good that has to be send back does not raise above 40% or if you haven't adduced higher priced goods at point in time of the withdrawal haven't been paid completely or paid in contract specific part payments. Otherwise the reshipment is for free. You have to accomplish the payments within 30 days after sending your notice of cancellation.

berwall; Jürgen Bernhard

End of notice of cancellation.